Thomas Train Sets

The Thomas Train Sets for Kids

The Thomas Train Set is the most popular wooden train set ever conceived. No one would have ever imagined back in the early 1930’s that the little broomstick engine would be so popular.

A Thomas Train set is one of the best wooden train set that has ever been made, if not the best. When it comes time to develop or expand your wooden Thomas train set, then the different stations that are on the Island of Sodor will be needed. There is the all Aboard Station that features Sir Topham Hatt. This station has the name Vicarstown on the plaque and Thomas and his friends ride through the middle. Sir Topham comes out the side to greet all that pass by.

The Deluxe Knapford station is another that is needed to complete any Thomas the Train set. This is an authentic passenger railway station with a 2 piece switching track and sees through awnings. Another added feature is the realistic train sounds that are produced when a train enters the station. This station can handle 4 trains at once for more action.

The magnetic couplers that are used by the Thomas brand of engines and cars are being adopted by many other wooden toy train company. This design was found to be easiest for the little hands that play with them to grasp on.

The smiling face and good attitude is just part of Thomas’s appeal to children. The TV show and videos have made him a part of many households. This way, when a child plays with his Thomas the Tank Engine, the episodes are seen on TV can be reenacted or new storylines can be created. This leads to hours of good clean fun and entertainment by children.

The take along Thomas trains are collections of engines and tracks that include all the different friends of Thomas the Tank Engine. To help your child to easily carry their wonderful trains there is a Tin Storage Carrying Case. Inside this case are four rows that fit 5 to 8 wooden trains per row. This depends on the size of each character but there is plenty of room for a set to go on vacation or over to Grandma’s house. The inside is decorated with depictions of Thomas and 2 of his friends in the station house. On the outside is Thomas going along the tracks with many of his cheerful friends including Bertie the bus, Herald the helicopter, Cranky the crane and Edward. The case shuts tight with a sturdy latch that is safe for transport to where ever your little engineer needs to go with his friends.

It’s obvious to see how much kids love these Thomas train sets by going into many toy stores that display. Thomas wooden trains for kids to play with. There is typically a large group of kids there playing with the train set. It’s not uncommon also to hear some screaming children who don’t want to leave the trains set when the parents are ready to go home.

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